Over the last twelve months, there has been a resumption of high-level ministerial contacts between the Australian and Chinese governments. In your opinion, what impact will this have on Australia’s national interests?

This question was asked in 2023.

Very positive 10Somewhat positive 46No impact 21Somewhat negative 17Very negative 3Don’t know / no view 3
  • Very positive
  • Somewhat positive
  • No impact
  • Somewhat negative
  • Very negative
  • Don’t know / no view
All groups


The last five years have been a difficult period in Australia’s relations with China. The past 12 months, however, have seen a stabilisation of the relationship. Following the Albanese government coming to power, ministerial contact between the Chinese and Australian governments has resumed. In the months prior to this Poll being conducted, Australian and Chinese leaders and their foreign, trade and defence ministers had met in person or virtually for the first time in years. In more recent months, Chinese restrictions on some Australian products have eased and there have been signs of progress on other trade blockages.

Australians were asked what they thought of the relative improvement in relations. More than half (56%) say the resumption of ministerial contact is either ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ positive for Australia’s national interests. The remainder are split between those who say it will have ‘no impact’ (21%) and those who say it will have either a ‘very negative’ or ‘somewhat negative’ impact (20%) on Australia’s national interests.


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