For several decades, Australia has been open to people from all over the world. Overall, do you think Australia’s culturally diverse population has been:

Entirely positive for Australia 21Mostly positive for Australia 69Mostly negative for Australia 9Entirely negative for Australia 1
  • Entirely positive for Australia
  • Mostly positive for Australia
  • Mostly negative for Australia
  • Entirely negative for Australia
  • Don’t know
All groups


While Australians are roughly divided in their views about the current migration intake, they are overwhelmingly positive about Australia’s cultural diversity, a product of decades of immigration. Nine in ten (90%) think Australia’s culturally diverse population has been either ‘mostly positive’ (69%) or ‘entirely positive’ (21%) for Australia. Only a very small minority (9%) say the country’s culturally diverse population has been ‘mostly negative’, and almost none (1%) say it has been ‘entirely negative’.


Compare different demographics, years, categories, and responses.



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