Now a question about nuclear power. Do you support or oppose Australia using nuclear power to generate electricity, alongside other sources of energy?

Strongly support 27Somewhat support 34Somewhat oppose 20Strongly oppose 17Don’t know 2
  • Strongly support
  • Somewhat support
  • Somewhat oppose
  • Strongly oppose
  • Don’t know
All groups


Australia’s federal opposition has announced that, if elected, it would look to introduce nuclear power generation into Australia’s energy mix, alongside renewables and other sources of energy, as part of its plan to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This would involve first overturning a moratorium on nuclear energy generation in Australia.

Public opinion towards nuclear power in Australia has shifted over time. This year, in response to a new question, six in ten Australians (61%) say they ‘somewhat’ or ‘strongly’ support Australia using nuclear power to generate electricity, while a significant minority (37%) ‘somewhat’ or ‘strongly’ oppose it. Those who ‘strongly support’ nuclear power generation (27%) outnumber those who ‘strongly oppose’ it (17%).

In contrast, more than a decade ago in 2011, in response to a related question in this Poll, more than six in ten Australians (62%) said they were either ‘strongly against’ (46%) or ‘somewhat against’ (16%) ‘Australia building nuclear power plants as part of its plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions’.


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